Power 7

Our new e-bike. For more power.

Our new powerful e-bike will get you from A to B. Get your hassle-free e-bike subscription with free and unlimited repairs. Wherever and whenever you want.

€ 75 p.m.

Our new powerful e-bike will get you from A to B. Get your hassle-free e-bike subscription with free and unlimited repairs. Wherever and whenever you want.

The Power 7,
for more power.

Better for you and better for your city.

  • A high-quality Shimano motor, for more distance.
  • For more distance. Up to 25 k/m per hour.
  • More comfort. 7 gears for maximum endurance.
  • More freedom. Ride up to 145 km.
  • Hassle free bike subscription.
  • Free and unlimited repairs.

A powerful and removable battery

The Power 7 has a removable battery and is seamlessly integrated into the frame.


2.8 kg

Distance (max)

145 km


7.5 hours


504 Wh


Key lock


349 x 84 x 65 mm

For more freedom.

The smart
e-bike subscription

  • Get your hassle-free e-bike subscription
  • Free and unlimited repairs
  • wherever and whenever you want






Two Locks



Shimano Steps E6100


Shimano E5000


Shimano N7 Coasterbrake

Brake front

Rollerbrake C6000 with IM70 clutch hub


47 mm wide, for extra comfort


Black parts, silver rims


Extra heavy duty


Axa Block XXL

Extra lock

Extension chain extra heavy duty 8.5mm

Battery lock



50 Nm





Battery energy


Frequently asked questions

Do I always have to fully charge the battery and let it drain?
It is not necessary to fully charge and fully discharge the battery. You can use and charge the battery whenever you like.
Which colors do you offer and can I choose one?
The Power 7 is currently available in green, gray and black. At this time, you're not able to choose a specific color.
Which cities currently offer the Power 7?
The Power 7 is now available in Amsterdam (NL), The Hague (NL), Münster (DE), Munich (DE), Antwerp (BE) and Brussels (BE).
Where is the Power 7 manufactured?
Our bicycles are produced in production facilities in collaboration with Pon Bike.
When will the Power 7 be available in other cities?
We're working hard to make the Power 7 available in other cities. New cities will be announced through our website and social media channels.
Can I upgrade my current Swapfiets Original or Deluxe 7 subscription to the Power 7?
Yes, you can! Let us know you want to upgrade and we'll fix it for you.
What happens if the battery dies?
In case of a defective battery, we advise you to contact our support team and request a swap. Our team is dedicated to get you on the road again soon.
Am I allowed to use the Power 7 outside of my city?
Yes, you can take your Power 7 wherever you want. However, keep in my mind we're only able to provide service within the specified services areas of your city.
How much do I have to pay when my Power 7 is lost or stolen?
In case your Swapfiets gets stolen, we will make sure you get a new bicycle quickly. Together we will fill out a theft report for the police. In addition, you pay €220,- deductible for the Power 7 and €500,- for the battery, provided that your bike and battery were locked properly. In case both your Power 7 and its key are lost; the deductible is €2000,-.
What's included in the service for the Power 7?
We make sure your Power 7 always works. If there is anything wrong with your Power 7; we will fix it within 24 hours. Minor repairs will be carried out on location. In all other cases we will directly swap your Power 7 for another one. Furthermore, you're always welcome in one of our physical stores for service.
What is the minimum duration of the contract?
In most cities were Swapfiets Belgium is active, we have two options:

1) A monthly cancellable contract with a one month cancellation period. If you choose this option we will charge a €15,- one-off fee when you sign up.

2) A 6-month subscription. When you choose this subscription we will not charge a €15,- one-off fee. After 6 months your subscription can be canceled monthly.

Be aware, this is only the case for customers that started a subscription with Swapfiets on or after 10-02-2020